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Private Film Premiere Spotlight: LA Dreams Magazine

FULL COVERAGE: LA Dreams Magazine x Corazón Cubano Premiere

The red carpet private premiere of Corazón Cubano was held at the Harmony Gold Theater in Hollywood and played host to stars of entertainment, film critics, and close friends and family of the executive producers.

The highly-touted short film documents one man’s decision and subsequent journey back to Cuba after almost forty-years in exile here in the United States. Devastated by the news that his brother in Cuba was dying, Armando Blanco was faced with the decision as to whether he would stay true to his moral duty, this refusing to set foot again on the communist island, or to embrace the love he had for his dying brother.

The film was directed by Jake Ajamian, a sixteen-year-old rising star in the film industry, and was produced by Adriana Blanco. Learn more about the film by visiting esplendidoproductions.com or follow them on social media @CorazonCubanoMovie.

(Photos by: M.Kobe Photography)

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